What is overseer.exe?

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“I just sneezed next to my computer and the antivirus popped up.”

Just like we need computers in our daily life to complete various tasks and work without any problems. Similarly, a computer needs anti-virus to work smoothly for us.

But having an antivirus in computer is not as easy as it sounds. It requires maintenance, settings and needs to be updated every now and then.

But apart from that you also need to know if your antivirus is good for you or not? is it safe and worthy of installing in your device?

There is a lot more to an antivirus that you should know. So, we decided to be your overseer. exe reddit and explain you thoroughly what is overseer.exe.

This information is important so stay calm and keep reading.

Tour de Avast

“I need google in my mind, antivirus in my heart and photoshop on my face.”

So, we were talking about the infamous antivirus called Avast. So, tell us do you know what is Avast overseer, what does it do or how to remove it?

Would you like to know all of this?

Well, according to us you must learn everything about them because they are controlling your PC in some-way.

And this is what we have got for you.

What is Avast overseer?

Avast Overseer is a scheduled task that runs daily from task scheduler on start-up. According to Avast it also has its own release schedule automatically updates itself.

We now know what Avast overseer is but what does Avast overseer do? As you know, overseer means to supervise others work. Similarly, Avast overseer is a support application software developed by team Avast that fixes technical issues with its products.

The immediate thought that you must have got now is about Avast overseer being safe for your system or not, right?

Let’s get answer to this question as well.

Is overseer exe safe?

Overseer.exe is able to monitor applications and manipulate other programs because windows task scheduler starts this process of Avast overseer at a specific time, every day.

This is the reason why the technical security has rated this program as 15% dangerous, and they along with some other users, suggest that you should read some of the user reviews as well before dealing with it.

So, on the basis of this calculation, you can assume Avast overseer as 85% safe.

If this percentage is not good enough to make you keep this program in your device and you wish to remove avast overseer right now, here’s what you have to do.

How do I get rid of overseer EXE?

Courtesy: Ask Leo!

If you want to remove Avast overseer windows 10 from your computer, you can do it by simply removing overseer.exe from Control Panel.

Here are all the steps that you need to follow

  1. Open the control panel application from your device.
  2. Go to the programs and features part and click it.
  3. Now, find the Avast software and right-click it to choose Uninstall/Change to uninstall it.
  4. And your exe problem has been taken cate of.

We have some more useful research on overseer below. Make sure to read it if you want to know this program thoroughly.

Accessing Avast

“For the average home user, an antivirus is a must.”

So, here we ae about to understand some more aspects and clear some doubts related to you web overseer privacy defender.

Is web overseer real?

Yes, web overseer is real and let us explain you how with the help of this overseer.exe malware incident.

Researchers at the security firm Lookout Inc. identified infected Android apps that targeted people travelling overseas.

Courtesy: GetWox

Those four apps were meant for conveying embassy information and news for specific European countries were removed from the Google Play Store because the spyware collected data from devices that downloaded those apps.

A research also found out that those infected android apps were already downloaded 10,000 times via Google Play, but when Lookout notified Google of their findings, they were immediately removed from the play store.

The reason behind removing these apps was because once an infected app was installed in any device, the overseer malware gathered a host of information from the compromised device and took all the information from it like user’s accounts details, photos, their contacts, names, phone numbers, email addresses, number of times a person is contacted, geolocation information and all the data about the device.

After taking all this information, it was sent to the attacker’s command-and-control (C&C) servers, and allowed the attacker to decide what type of additional information is required to extend the attack.

After this incident, users and employees were reminded that extra care should be taken when using network-enabled devices specially while travelling abroad, as employees were more likely to be the targets of these espionage-driven attacks.

We know this real-life incident has horrified you and now you are going to be extra careful while downloading any app on your device.

Well, that is a must just like how grabbing all this information was. We hope it was useful.


The web is full of so many apps and programs that it is need of the hour to know in and out about an app before installing it.

And if in case you have already installed it and got to know about its risks after some time, it is never to too late to do a quick research on it and uninstall it immediately.

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