The rise of the tomb raider is an adventurous game filled with action and has been developed by crystal dynamics. Steam is filled up with good reviews of the show. Despite the positive reviews for the fame that are found, the rise of the tomb raider crashing pc issue has been taken very seriously.

It is very common for the various games that are released to come up with some minor issues and errors and similarly the Rise of the Tomb is not free of bugs. The gamers have been reporting about the rise of the tomb raider crashing error along with FPS drop, freezing and the fame not starting, and other common issues.

The rise of the tomb bugs can be worked around by trying some of the common fixes and in this article, the common errors and some of the solutions that can be tried are mentioned. The user initially needs to check the system requirements and configurations necessary for the game and this may help in understanding the encountered errors.

What Are Some Of The Most Common Errors Encountered In Rising Of The Tomb?

rise of the tomb raider crashing
rise of the tomb raider crashing

1. Rise of the tomb raider keeps crashing– This is a very commonly encountered error that many players face while playing the game. Many players have reported the rise of the tomb raider crashing on startup.

The solution to this minor issue is to validate the game cache and ensuring that the device has at least 12 GB of memory. If the device has a minimum of 8 GB RAM then the user needs to set the page file at 4 or 8 GB. This will solve the crashing issue.

2. Rise of the tomb raider low fps– Many players of the game have reported the coming of the issue of FPS dropping, and low FPS while playing the game. The main reason behind this fame is that the game or the device has not been properly optimized or the device and its drivers have become outdated.

To get rid of this issue the user needs to check and ensure that a minimum of 6 GB RAM is available and the system graphic card drivers are updated regularly. If not, then to update the graphics driver, the user needs to visit the manufacturer’s website or the official Microsoft website and then search for all the latest system updates.

The Driver Easy can be used for this purpose and all the related issues will be resolved. The given fixes usually work for the issue but still if the error persists then the user can use the Game booster to enhance their experience.

3. Rise of the tomb raider NTDLL Crash– This issue comes up when an important file gets missing or is deleted from the system. The important thing like the DLL file gets damaged or experiences a crash then the user can face the game.

The solution to this rise of the tomb raider freezing error is related to the graphics of the game and the user might need to fix the game cache and verify it on the professional DLL repair tool. This is a very advanced tool and can repair errors just by scanning them once.

4. Rise of the tomb raider won’t start- Some of the players of the game have reported the error that when they try to play the game the application does not start even though they click on the play button in the Steam interface. No reaction is given from the application.

To fix this issue the user needs to disable any third-party antivirus that might be present in the system and then check if the drivers are updated regularly. They also need to have the latest updated version of the game on their device.

Rise of the tomb raider won’t start
Rise of the tomb raider won’t start

5. Rise of the tomb raider has stopped working– In the expedition mode, the game sometimes crashes and stops working abruptly which can be fixed by installing the available patch on the steam application.

Any random issue that is faced by the user while playing the game can be rectified by going to the control panel and then disabling the steam cloud saves. All the random crashes then get fixed.

6. Rise of the tomb crashing right after start– To get rid of this crashing error the user needs to change some of the registry settings in the system by following certain steps. They need to open the registry database and then change the value of the exclusive full screen to 0. After following all of these steps the user needs to restart their device.

7. Tomb raider crashing windows 10– Many players have been facing the Microsoft visual C++ runtime error while playing the game. This is considered a very minor issue and can be fixed by following some simple steps. To fix the error the user can set the formatting to the United States from the United Kingdom and then try and restart the game.

If this doesn’t work they can try the system repair with the PC Repair tool. To know more about the error they can also visit the Windows 10 C++ Runtime error at the startup or restart.

8. Rise of the tomb raider driver crash– This error comes up while the player is installing the game. To fix this error, the user needs to try and run the setup as an administrator. If this doesn’t work then the user needs to free up space and have at least 25 GB free space on their hard drive.

9. Startup crash error– If the user has been facing this error in the main menu or on the startup they need to try and set steam to the offline mode and if this solution works then the game will start. If it doesn’t work, then the player may try to disconnect this from the Internet and not just go into offline mode.

Rise of the tomb raider driver crash
Rise of the tomb raider driver crash

Go to the game and then load up all the saved content and then reconnect it to the internet. Wait for a few seconds and then connect and exit the game. Try restarting the game again and check if the issue has been resolved.

Also, the user can right-click on the rotor in the Steam application and then go to the properties, Click on the BETAS tab and then from the drop-down menu select and build 811.3. The steam will update the game automatically and then the player can relaunch and enjoy the game.

Since this, the beta version of the game this might fix the crashing issue in the main menu but the game can freeze somewhere else. Therefore, it is advised that a proper backup is created every time the game is played.

The Rise of the tomb error was reported by a lot of players after the launch of the game today. The game is now available in Steam and though it has a pretty good review some of the common bugs are still encountered. The game has cinematic survival action graphics where the player will join Lara Croft on her first raiding expedition.

She seeks to discover the secret of immortality. Out of all the above-mentioned errors, the most common is the crashes, the game not starting, and the low-performance issues. All these bugs can be fixed by troubleshooting solutions.


This article is all about the rise of the tomb raider crashing pc and all the other common errors which have been put down in a list along with their probable solutions.

All the given fixes need to be tried out as per the issue and it is advised to run the repair tool to solve all the problems. Due to the PC issues the user has started encountering errors while facing the errors or bugs with the game.