Discord is a video and voice chat tool that has become very famous among the entire gaming community. It has several features which are available free of cost and has some issues in it which need to be fixed. There have been reports of many errors which have been reported by many different users which come up while the user is trying to download or install the application.

A discord fatal javascript error comes up on the screen in such cases which states that the operation that the user is trying to perform is not permitted. This error can be resolved manually by performing certain operations by the users.

Why fatal javascript error has occurred?

This is a very frequently asked question by many users of the discord application and there are many different considered causes of the error to come up. Some of the most common causes of the error coming up are mentioned below-

1. One of the major reasons for the error to come up is that the anti-virus software that is being used in the device is blocking some of the features of the discord application.

2. The configuration of the application has some issues.

3. The error can also come up if the quality windows experience service is not running properly.

Why fatal javascript error has occurred
Why fatal javascript error has occurred

What can a user try to do if the screen shows the discord javascript error?

Whenever a user comes across this error they need to ensure that the antivirus software that they are using is not blocking the working of discord. Many different problems might come up because of the anti-virus.

Solutions 1 Deleting the application from the disk

One of the most common solutions if the error is persistent while the working of the application is to try and delete the application which stores all the temporary data. To do this the user has to-

  • Click on the search button in the taskbar and look for pc.
  • Then in the location, they need to type the requirements and click on the view tab.
  • Then they need to locate all the hidden items.
  • After that, the discord folder is to be deleted.
  • Then in the search button, the local app data is to be opened.
  • Restarting the entire device may solve the issue.

Solution 2 Editing the quality windows service

If the error is still not resolved the user has to edit the quality windows service and to do this they need to follow the steps-

1. Click on the search button and then locate the quality windows services.

2. Right-click on the properties and then if the service is running click on the stop button.

3. Then click on the start button and make sure that the automatic startup menu is opened.

4. When the user clicks on OK the error might not let the user start the service on the computer.

5. in such cases the user needs to sign on the tab.

6. In the browser button the user can add the name of the account then the name of the object.

7. Then they need to restart the device.

Why won't my discord open
Why won’t my discord open

Why won’t my discord open?

Sometimes the user faces some issues while they are trying to open the discord application. The solution to getting rid of this problem the user has to follow the steps mentioned below-

1. Click on the search panel and then uninstall the application.

2. Locate the application first.

3. Delete the folder and then download the latest version of the application.

4. Double click on the file and install the tool which would take some time.

5. Check if the problem is resolved.

How to resolve the discord javascript error on startup?

If the above-mentioned solutions are not working the user needs to make certain command prompt changes in the device. For this, they need to remove discord from the device. The steps that are to be followed-

1. Press the Windows + R key and then run the “taskmgr” and then press on entering.

2. Click on discord in the manager and then open it in the end task button.

3. Now type in the control panel “Windows +R”.

4. Click on uninstalling the program and then all the onscreen prompts are to be uninstalled.

5. Navigate the app data folder and then delete it from the setup.

6. Press the Shift+Ctrl+Enter key and the admin privileges are given to the command prompt.


Even after performing all the above-mentioned solutions sometimes the discord update not working is reported by the users in which case they need to contact the technical team of the application. The team would try and resolve the discord fatal javascript error.



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