Google Chrome Critical Error Scam

Google Chrome Critical Error Scam
Google Chrome Critical Error Scam

Let’s uncover all about the “fake error scams” in the name of Google Chrome Critical Error Scam – Once for all…

Are you the one who has just seen an alert or an error recently on your system’s screen while working on something important? And, you don’t know what they mean and how to proceed ahead for the next steps? 

Congratulation! For being at the right place and at the right time, otherwise, you could have lost a chunk of your hard-earned money to the scammers in the name of getting support on system-critical error or something alike.

To ensure the worth of your time, here is a quick glimpse on the table of content of what this article is all about and how it can help you fix the issue on your own and very quickly, so read on further and stay connected.

We will share all the details which need your attention, Right Now!

Google Chrome critical error
Google Chrome critical error message
Google Chrome critical security alert
Google Chrome critical error security system has detected
Google Chrome critical error contact Microsoft Support
System error warning  Google Chrome

If you are ready to understand the above errors and how to resolve them yourself in a jiffy, let us help you to explore them in deep on what they mean and how can you get rid of them. 

Rest assured, your time in reading this article is worth spending, and it has all the potential to save you from a lot of trouble. So let’s keep reading!


All these sorts of error messages and alerts are usually fake, so it is recommended for you not to take any action on them. 

Do not call on any given number in the name of getting instant support from Microsoft or Google support team.

Do not panic about any error message like this that you might be looking at your screen right now.

Just take a deep breath and stay on the course of reading about the error more here.

Google Chrome’s Critical Error


 Google Chrome’s critical error: what does it mean for you?

Like many other fake error messages: 

System Support Alert, 

Your Connection To This Site Is Not Private, 

This Build Of Windows 10 Is Corrupted, 

Google Chrome critical error is also a big fake error message or pop-up or a redirected new webpage. 

It claims that the system has been connected to a suspicious connection and is trying to steal your important data like passwords and bank details. 

And to stop all this, you would need to get in contact with Microsoft or Google support team via a live screen sharing meeting or call on a toll-free number urgently so that the team can help you right away. 


This error message is 100% fake and has nothing to do with either Microsoft or Google.

You might also get some steps to resolve these issues, but do not fall for it just yet. 

Read the article in full.

Your computer is probably very safe still, and in-fact this is one of those scams where a user is being asked to get instant tech support (which is not at all needed) in place of some service charges over a call or a screen-sharing meeting.


You need to ignore this error screen and, do not call or click on any link to have a support call.


Google Chrome’s critical error message looks like the below, and the screen text will make you crazy and push you towards taking urgent action.

You would be seeing something on your screens right now as an error message as below: 


1. Google Chrome Critical ERROR:

There was a dangerous try to get access to your logins & bank information. Luckily, your system’s firewall has managed to block this suspicious connection. 

Google Chrome Critical ERROR
Google Chrome Critical ERROR

We recommend you to freeze your accounts until some safety measures are being taken. There is a great threat of leaking your data. So, you need to respond swiftly! 

Trojan Virus may have already hurt your hard disk and its data. That is why we are checking and verifying your current system security. 

Do not waste your time and consult one of our service centers or call it.

Contact Microsoft Support: +1 (877) 527-9459 (TOLL-FREE) 

Your urgent response is needed. 

To deal with this problem, contact our network administration. 

Call Help Desk +1 (877) 527-9459


2. Google Chrome Critical Error!

The security system has detected the threatening attempt to gain access to your bank logins and related data, but this dangerous connection was blocked with Firewall and further data leak was prevented. 

We strongly recommend you to perform a temporary block of all of your accounts and take some necessary security measures. Despite the timely blocking of the connection, there is still a serious threat of private data stealth. Please, don’t wait to respond, every minute is important! There is the possibility that the virus already hurt your disks or destroyed and stole its data.

 It is the reason for checking current system security and verifying its stability. Do not spend your time and immediately call us or contact our service center support team.


Contact Microsoft Support:

+1 (855) 979-6682


We are waiting for your rapid response to help you. Please contact our administration to solve this issue.

Call Help Desk:

+1 (855) 979-6682

By looking at the above message, anyone like us can fall for a scam like Google Chrome critical security alert issue, and you would like to have an instant call with the so called Microsoft support team on a toll-free number, but beware of all these tricks.

The sole purpose of this article to help you handle this panicking situation with calmness. 


You might have encountered this: Google Chrome Critical Error! Security system has detected: 

Don’t you worry about it. It is just another way to make you panic by saying the Security system has detected a threatening attempt to access your bank details, but it was blocked by the firewall for now.

 Further, you will be asked to check current system security and verify its stability by performing some action over a live screen sharing meet or something similar.

System error warning Google Chrome is a fake warning which will show you that your system is compromised and as per the usual behavior of any individual, they fall into a trap and click on some links which will lead them to potentially unwanted programs without a user’s consent.

 So you are requested to avoid it at any cost.

  • You might be thinking by now that: “Is Google Chrome critical error legitimate” – As we have shared earlier, It’s fake, and it’s a browser redirect pop-up which comes on your screen. 

Please note that it might look quite real, but it does not block any malicious websites, etc., to protect you from anything, and all these trapping messages will be shown in the red background to make you believe that it’s troublesome for your system.

 Hence do not even consider it a legitimate warning. Just move on.


As shared earlier RED color is a sign of danger, and the scammer promptly uses it to make these quick decisions worse for you. 

Google Chrome Critical Error Scam
Google Chrome Critical Error Scam

There are some simple steps to remove these errors and it can be done by anyone like you and me. Let us help you here step by step:

  1. First thing first: Delete all suspicious extensions and URLs
  • Open Chrome > click on “Menu”
  • Look of “More Options” > select “Extensions”
  • Check for any suspicious “plug-in” or “extension” and delete it immediately.
  • Click on Chrome’s “Menu” again > click on the “Settings”
  • Click on “Manage Search Engine”  > delete any suspicious one from the list.
  1. Reset Google Chrome
  • Open Chrome > click on “Menu” > click on “Settings”
  • Click on “Advanced” > click on “Restore settings to their original defaults” > Click on “Reset Settings”
  1. If you have any paid anti-virus on your system > run an in-depth scan – It will eventually remove all the potential risks and any malware installed on your system.
  2. If you see any suspicious software installed on your system, uninstall it as early as possible.
  • By following all these steps in detail, you can make sure that your system and data are safe, and it will remove any iteration of the Chrome red warning page.
  • Google Chrome critical error red screen removal has never been this easy, and due to its high demand in the last few years. 

Good news!

The Google Chrome team has understood its dire needs and gave the power to its users to do what’s needed at these crucial times when the so-called hacker or scammers use the high-end technology to do bad more than good. 

So if you are the one who gets to see these Red error screens recently, you should know that your system is safe and you can handle it yourself.


There is another way these scammers can trick you by showing you: 

  • Google Chrome malware detected warning” 

Just be aware that this is also fake. Here your web browser will be redirected to a site that displays a “Warning! Malware Detected” notification. 

It is a sign that unwanted adware might be present on your system that needs to be removed to get rid of these warnings.

  • Google Chrome critical error alert info

It is another type of scam where a critical alert pop-up that is at higher priority shows up on the browser, and it forces you to subscribe to push notifications so that you get many unwanted advertisements, expecting you to fall for one of them sometime in future.

It will look something like this: wants to Show notifications

Click Allow to confirm that you are not a robot!

  To get rid of this, please follow these steps:

  • Go to the “Allowed” section
  • Check the entire list until you find the site,
  • Click on it.
  • Click on the “Clean & Reset” button that appears at the bottom of the window.
  • Congrats! You are now safe. Again!

After reading all about the issues that Google Chrome has and how it can make you and your information more vulnerable, by now you might be thinking: 

Why am I still using it? 

Why don’t I remove it and use some other browser, Right?

But hey! Let us know the bright side too so that you can make a better decision on what will work for you on your system without compromising any data or your hard earned money. 

 What Is So Good About Google Chrome? 

There are n-number of reasons that you just cannot get away from Chrome. Should you have any urges to remove it from your system, just read through and decide for yourself:

  1. Google Chrome is known for its speed – it is a very fast browser that is yet the single most and a very powerful reason for its ascension from years.
  2. Google Chrome loads and displays the webpages very quickly and efficiently.
  3. With just the mouse (or the trackpad) you can drag tabs out and use them as separate windows and merge them again with ease.
  4. Google Chrome is very basic & simple in design which makes it very easy to use by anyone and for any age group.
  5. The synch feature is also quite good, where-in you can use the browser at your system, phone, or somebody else’s system without any loss of extensions or browser history as long as you are logged in with the same Google account.
  6. Google Chrome is a very safe browser.
  7. Google Chrome is packed with many features and hence very powerful.
  8. You can integrate it with many google apps.
  9. Google Chrome has a large extension base, hence a huge work can be done with ease just if you have google chrome on your system.
  10. Google Chrome has a large base of developers, and hence a huge support community is always at your disposal.
  11. Google Chrome is a cross-platform browser, meaning you can use it only on many devices at once with close to zero issues.
  12. Google Chrome is yet again a very intuitive browser, and ease of use is its utmost strength.

Now, if you would like to check or see what version you are using and if it is up to date or now, you must be having this question in your mind, here we go with the information.


Let us help you here step by step…

Step 1: Open Chrome on your computer

Step 2: At the right-top corner, click on the three vertical dots: “More”

Step 3: Click on the Help

Step 4: Click on About Chrome

Here you will see the version of Google Chrome installed on your system, and if it is outdated, you can keep it update by clicking on Update Now (while connecting to the internet)

But why did Google create Chrome? What’s the history behind such a great browser?


Google and Microsoft were looking to create a better and more modern browser that could add value for users and at the same time drive innovations on the web. 

So they launched Google Chrome around Sep 4, 2008, while they brought the native search engine “Google” on their browser “Google Chrome” 

Around the same time, Safari was dominating iOS systems, and Internet Explorer had a 60-70% share of windows users while Firefox was better than Internet Explorer, but it was adopted by only 30% of the market users. 

While launching Google Chrome, the whole development team had various things in mind, like the required browser should be fast, reliable, simple, and should play the role of sandbox for websites to avoid crashes. 

And, that’s how the Google team had given birth to its brainchild with all its resources at the right time, the right way, and while making it the right product for the market.

Now, you must be thinking that: you should continue using Google Chrome, but is there any software that can remove this malware safely from your system without much trouble, and does it cost some money? 

So, let us dive deep into that domain and let us make you rest assured if you use Malwarebytes Free software for Google Chrome critical error red screen Malwarebytes

Well, first thing is first, let us share, Malwarebytes Free will safely remove this malware with all other malware in your system (if any).

To your surprise, it will not cost you a single penny, and hence it is the most popular and does its job just perfectly fine in removing almost all kinds of malware made for windows. 

To add more ease to your work, Malwarebytes Free works conflict-free with any anti-virus, which means it does not pose an issue in Windows.


  1. Click on the Malwarebytes download link.
  2. After the file is downloaded on your system, double-click on the MBSetup file to install Malwarebytes on your computer.
  3. Just click “Yes” on the next pop-up to allow you to make changes to your device.
  4. Now follow the instruction for installing it and click on the “Install”
  5. Click on “Use Malwarebytes Free” on the next screen.
  6. Now you need to “Scan” the system for malware.
  7. Wait for getting the Malware scan completion.
  8. Now click on Quarantine and Restart your computer to have a malware-free system.

Everything has been shared, done, and dusted in this extensive article to help you on all expects of this red screen of fake system error scam. 

If you still would like to get help from developers and know more about the subject you may like to check Reddit, just by typing Google Chrome critical error Reddit


Now you know all the ins and outs about the red screen of error, malware, scammers, and how to save yourself from these troubles. Just keep calm and follow the steps given in this article. It will save you a lot of trouble, time, and your hard-earned money.

For more such amazing tech article and insights, stay tuned with us and stay safe.

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