Does your firestick sometimes abruptly stops working and causes the error? Firestick is a device made for home entertainment purposes that provide easy access to all the users to all of their favorite TV shows, movies, and the other services that come along with the subscription.

It has become widely popular and is considered one of the best hardware streaming devices that one can get in the market. Some users have complained that in their devices the firestick keeps losing connection.

While they are trying to stream the content. This causes a frequent loss of the internet connection and is an annoyance to the user.

In this article, this particular issue has been addressed and some of the solutions which might help in fixing it are also mentioned. The amazon fire stick loses connection and the message that comes up asks the user to try again later when their internet connection is stable.

What Causes The Amazon Fire Stick To Keep Losing Internet Connection Errors?

There are a lot of potential causes which might lead to this prominent error coming up. Some of the most common reasons might be-

amazon fire stick loses connection
amazon fire stick loses connection

1. The fire tv stick might lose connection if the wifi signals that are received are weak.

2. Once the software gets old, it starts getting bugs and glitches and this hinders the functioning of the entire device. For this case, it is recommended that the software is kept up to date.

What To Do If Firestick Keeps Losing Wifi?

If the firestick is losing the internet connection of wifi frequently, it may be because of a very small glitch. The first step to perform in this scenario is-

1. Remove the attached firestick from the device.

2. Switch off the television and the wifi and wait for 2 minutes.

3. Restart both the devices and insert the fire tv stick back into the television.

4. Wait until the television is reconnected to the wifi.

5. After the connection is made, restart the firestick.

6. Check if the issue has been resolved or it still persists.

What Can Be Done If The Fire Stick Keeps Losing Internet Connection?

There are many different solutions that the user can perform if they want to get rid of the fire tv stick issue. Some of the most common issues are-

Decrease the distance between the wifi router and firestick

Sometimes the issue comes up because the wifi device might be located far away from the tv which may result in weak connections and the strength of the signals might be the reason.

To overcome this issue, the user needs to reduce the distance between the router and the firestick and put them closer together. In some cases, the wifi boosters might also help to resolve the strength issues.

Using a better ethernet cable

If a wired internet connection is being used, then the joining ethernet cable might be faulty. In such cases, the user needs to put the cable to test by connecting it to the other devices and then see if the connection is established. If the ethernet cable does not function then the user needs to buy a new one.

Resetting the television

One can always try and reset the television to check if the fire tv stick wifi problems are resolved. To reset the device the user needs to follow the steps mentioned below-

1. Remove the firestick from the television and open the settings of the device.

2. Select the option to reset and then wait until the device resets itself.

3. Insert the stick into the television and check if the issue has been resolved.

Restart the firestick

Fire Stick Keeps Losing Internet Connection
Fire Stick Keeps Losing Internet Connection

Sometimes there is no connectivity issue with the wifi but the firestick is itself not functioning properly. In such cases, the user can try and restart the amazon firestick as it may eliminate most of the issues and enables the device to work in a better condition. To restart the firestick the user can-

1. Go to the settings of the device which is located on the top left of the page.

2. With the navigation keys select the firetv option.

3. Select the option to restart.

4. Hit on the button and then wait for the device to restart itself.

Change the IP settings of the device

Sometimes changing the IP settings can help in getting rid of the amazon fire tv keeps losing connection issue. To perform this task the user needs to follow the below-mentioned steps-

1. Go to the settings menu of the television and click on the network option.

2. From the network, click on the status.

3. Wait until three buttons appear on one end of the screen and then chose the IP settings.

4. From this window click on the DNS settings and click to enter them manually.

5. Enter the required address and then press ok. Wait for a few seconds after that so that the internet can establish the connection with the device.

6. Check if the firestick is still losing the connection or if the issue has been resolved.

Updating the firestick

Using an older version of the stick may lead to the loss of internet connection. As the fire stick functions the best with the updated version, the user needs to update it regularly. To update the firestick the user needs to perform certain steps which are-

1. Go to the settings from the main window.

2. The drop-down menu appears and then selects About.

3. Check for the update of the system.

4. If the updated version is available update the firestick and then wait until the process is completed.

5. Relaunch the firestick and then wait for the update process to complete.

6. Check if the error is resolved or not.

Perform a Factory reset

amazon fire tv keeps losing connection
amazon fire tv keeps losing connection

Resetting the firestick to its original factory settings might also help when the fire stick keeps dropping wifi.  As any device works the best with the original settings therefore a factory reset can be performed by following the steps-

1. Go to the settings of the firestick which is located on the top left.

2. With the help of the keys and select the fire TV from the screen.

3. Select the factory reset defaults to restart the firestick.

4. Hit on the restart button and then wait for the device to reset itself.

5. The device will be reset after the message appears on the screen.

6. Relaunch the firestick and check if the error has been resolved.

Modify the LAN protocol

If the LAN protocol is not prescribed properly, the router settings get disabled and this results in continuous loss of the connection. The modification for such protocols may help in resolving the connectivity issue and the message that says “amazon firestick network connection lost” would no longer appear on the screen.


Since firestick is one of the most popular home entertainment devices, the firestick keeps losing connection error is being paid attention to by the technical team. They are available to support and help the users who might be facing any kind of issue.