How To Fix The Loot Not Detected Skyrim Se And Skyrim?

Loot Not Detected Skyrim Se
Loot Not Detected Skyrim Se

There are a lot of players who have encountered the situation wherein loot can’t find Skyrim. They have also observed that apparently, it does not crash on startup but Loot Not Detected Skyrim Se. It continuously keeps on searching for the game until the error message pops up.

There are many different reasons behind loot not finding Skyrim and Skyrim SE. For instance, the error may be encountered if Skyrim isn’t run through Steam first. Sometimes the “loot not recognizing Skyrim SE” error also comes up when you are not using MO2.

Some tried and trustworthy methods can be used to fix the error and can be performed very easily.

How To Fix The Loot Not Finding Skyrim Error?

How To Fix The Loot Not Finding Skyrim Error
How To Fix The Loot Not Finding Skyrim Error

Since many of the users have complained of the “loot can’t find Skyrim SE and Skyrim” error, mentioned below are some of the easiest fixes that can be tried out.

Run Skyrim Through Steam

The first thing to do if loot doesn’t detect Skyrim is to try and launch it via Steam. Trying this method out will help to register all the files that loot needs to detect the working of the game.

This can also be used in case loot crashes on startup and then Skyrim should be launched through Steam. The player should not exit until the splash menu loads and if this method doesn’t work, they can move onto the next potential solution.

Verify The Game Files

Many people have posed the question asking “Why is loot not detecting Skyrim SE?”. Sometimes this error might also come up if some of the files important to the game are missing.

To solve the error, the integrity of the game files should be checked. To solve the “loot not detecting Skyrim SE mods” follow the steps mentioned below-

  • Open the Steam application and click on Library.
  • Right-click on Skyrim and select the properties.
  • Click on the local files tab wherein there is an option to verify the integrity of the game files.
  • Wait until the validation process gets completed and then exit Steam.

Run Skyrim As An Administrator

Another fix for the “Loot Not Detected Skyrim Se special edition” issue in case it is unable to access the game files on the system is to run Skyrim as an administrator.

The steps to let Skyrim run as an administrator are-

  • Navigate to the game installation folder and right-click on the .exe file.
  • Select properties and click on the Compatibility tab.
  • Check the box and run the program as an administrator.
  • Click on Apply and then OK to make the changes,
  • Relaunch the game and check if the problem has been solved.

There are many different causes of the “loot not detecting skse” error and many fixes to try out which might aid in solving the problem.

Change The Location Of Skyrim

If loot won’t launch or loot crashes on startup even after applying the above workarounds then, it is recommended that the location of the game is changed. To do so, follow the procedure given below-

  • Go to the location and open the settings.
  • Locate Skyrim and change the path line from the location of the installation of the game.

This is the last alternative to use for the people who keep asking “How to use loot Skyrim SE?”. All the above-mentioned alternatives are preferred by a majority of the people who have witnessed the error.

Change The Location Of Skyrim
Change The Location Of Skyrim

All of these methods are very easy to use and can be performed by people who are not very comfortable with the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Get Loot To Recognize A Game?

A basic troubleshooting way is to close Steam, restart the device and then launch the Steam game. After that right-click on the game and in the properties tab select local. Verify the game again by clicking on the verify button and then try running loot from MO2.
This method works in case of the loot not recognizing patches.

How Do You Set Up Loot In Skyrim Special Edition?

To set up loot in the special edition it is very important to set the right load order for the mods. It is a very crucial step to follow to enjoy a stable modded game.

The loot tool can help the user by providing automated load orders and sorting out the entire thing to make it customizable and easy to use.

Does Loot Work With Skyrim Special Edition?

The valid range for the Skyrim special edition plugins remains unchanged via libloot. Loot supports V0 and therefore Skyrim special edition.

What Is The “Loot Not Detecting Fallout 3” Error?

The Fallout 3 and the “loot not detecting fallout: new vegas” are the two most commonly encountered issues that can be solved if the folder is made easier for loot to access. This can be done by changing the location of the folder which has the game files stored in it.


The “Loot Not Detected Skyrim Se” error is not uncommon and is faced by a lot of players. This article has listed out both the causes and fixes for the “loot error something went wrong”.

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