Has Witcher 3 been facing issues while working? Witcher 3 is one of the most popular games in recent times because of the diverse graphics and gameplay that makes it up. It also has a modding community that is well known and is very common in the game.

A lot of modders in Witcher 3 have recently been complaining about the errors that come up while running the game with the mods on Nexus Mod manager or others. This article, therefore, deals with the witcher 3 script compilation error fix.

What Causes The Witcher 3 Script Compilation Errors?

After analyzing the error on the testing branches, it has been concluded that the error might be caused because of some of the most common triggers. These triggers are mentioned further in the article-

1. Using a faulty or outdated mod

The Witcher 3 Script Compilation
The Witcher 3 Script Compilation

If the mods that the player uses have been outdated then the Witcher 3 error will occur while the player is trying to run the game. Therefore, it is advised to install the mods that are not compatible with each other and work well with the other mods.

2. An outdated game patch

It is important to install either the latest game patch or update it regularly before applying any mods to the game. It has been observed that if it is not done then the probability of the error coming up increases.

3. Having corrupt files in the hack folder

There is a possibility that some of the corrupted files have been installed in the hack folder and it is advised to get rid of them before trying to fix the witcher 3 wild hunt script compilation errors.

4. Incorrect keyword

The Witcher 3 compilation error can also come up if a wrong telemetry keyword is configured for them. It is better to reconfigure those telemetry keywords and then select an appropriate one.

These are some of the most commonly observed reasons that might trigger the error and the steps to resolve the issue are mentioned further.

How Do I Fix The Script Compilation Error In Witcher 3?

Many different simple solutions have been mentioned which might prove to help fix the script error.

1. Removing the faulty mod

In many cases, the script compilation errors that occur in the game are because of faulty mods. This causes them to contradict each other and it is very important to use a correct mod because they help in adding extra features to the game. These extra features help in enhancing the gameplay but can also cause major trouble if not updated regularly.

Locating a faulty mod is a very tedious task and the most efficient approach is to delete the mod folder directly from the game’s directory and then installing them all over again to check which of the mods cause the error.

Removing The Faulty Mod
Removing The Faulty Mod

2. Updating both the game and the mods

To perform this solution, the user has to follow certain steps-

1.  Launch the favorite browser and then download all the patches including the Day 1, 1.10 patch.

2. After downloading all the patches, place them in a single folder and install all of them in sequence.

3. To install the patches, open the folder and then double click on the executable file. Click on the update button that comes up with the window on the screen.

4. On completing all the steps, the game will be updated to Patch 1.31.

While the player is trying to download the mods, they need to ensure that it is the latest version 1.31 otherwise the compatibility creates an issue.

3. Downloading the Unification patch

1. The user needs to launch the favorite browser and download the unification patch for Witcher 3.

2. Then they need to copy the content from the downloaded patch and paste it into the game directory.

3. Click on the Copy and Replace button that appears on the screen.

4. Once all the folders are replaced, launch the game again and check if the witcher 3 error content 0 is achieved.

4. Merge all the mod scripts

How Do You Merge Scripts In Witcher 3
How Do You Merge Scripts In Witcher 3

1. For this solution, the user needs to launch their favorite browser and download script merger.

2. Then they need to double click on the file and follow all the instructions to install script merger.

3. In the home screen, the three for an icon that is located parallel to the text field on the screen helps in browsing through the directory.

4. Then they need to click on the refresh button that is located parallel to the conflicts label and find out the mods and conflicts.

5. Now all the faulty mods need to be selected and then merge the selected script located at the bottom.

6. The repaired mods then can either be repaired automatically or manually as displayed on the screen. Click on the OK button.

7. Three different columns A, B, and C come up on the upper half and the lower half of the screen. In the upper columns, the mods are repaired manually and are highlighted.

8. To repair these mods, the user needs to scroll to the output column and then use the “Merge column” option. Then they need to right-click on the line and click on the column label where the highlighted code was present.

9. After completing the above steps, they need to navigate to the File tab and then save all the new changes.

10. Click on the OK button on the appeared window and then close the script merger. Launch the game again and check if the error has been rectified. This step answers one of the most common questions that ask “how to use script merger witcher 3?”.

5. Delete the entire hack folder and update the keyword

1. The user needs to navigate to the tasks folder and the Witcher’s game directory shows the hack folder. This is to be deleted.

2. Then the user needs to go back to the scripts folder and it is named engine.

3. In the particular folder, a new text document can be created. In that, the telemetry keyword can be inserted.

When the game is being launched and the script compilation error comes up people tend to ask “How do I use Witcher 3 mod manager?” which is one of the most important steps. The user needs to study the error log carefully and then note down the entire path of the text file. The line number of the respective file should also be located and noted down.

Then navigate to the path listed in the error log and open the text file and delete the highlighted line.

Merge All The Mod Scripts
Merge All The Mod Scripts

To do this the user has to-

1. Go to the game’s directory and navigate to the required file and delete line 73.

2.  Then they need to make all the necessary changes and save the file and close it.

3. Now the user needs to the location, open the file that is required and then delete line 397.

4. Make the changes and save them.

5. After making all of these amendments, launch the game again and check if the issue has been resolved.

Where Is My Witcher 3 Main Folder?

To install the mod, most of the users prefer to know about the location of the game’s directory which is in the main folder. The Witcher 3 main folder is located in the My documents folder/ Witcher 3/ game saves. It is advised to make a backup of all these necessary files for further assistance.

How Do You Merge Scripts In Witcher 3?

To merger scripts in Witcher 3-

1. Download, extract and launch the script manager.

2. Enter the game’s installation path at the top of the textbox.

3. Click on the refresh button in the list.

4. If any mergeable contacts are detected, the user can repeat the steps till the conflicts are resolved.

5. If the non-text conflicts are detected, these are displayed and the user can win and override the other conflicts.

6. Then, the scripts are merged and the game can be played efficiently.


Witcher 3 is one of the most popular games and is being played by a wide range of people. All the players of the game have used the basic features of the game and have encountered the witcher 3 script compilation error fix in the websites.

This article fairly mentions and covers all the faqs related to the game. Many regular players have been facing the error and looking for ways to resolve it.