Why Won’t My Oculus Connect To My Phone?

Why Won’t My Oculus Connect To My Phone

Oculus dis-connection to phone is majorly due paring issue. There are chances that you didn’t pair your Oculus with your phone using the correct method.

Not doing it with the proper technique can create problems in the connectivity of your Oculus with your phone. 

The Method To Pair Your Oculus With Your Phone Is As Follows-

  1. Installing the Oculus app is the initial step toward pairing the devices. This is accessible to Apple users via the App Store, while it is accessible to Android users via the Play Store. Locate the Oculus app, pick it, and then decide whether to download it. Once downloaded, the application ought to install itself automatically. The app itself is little and doesn’t take up much room.
  2. Open the Oculus app and link your Facebook account to it. For this, you need a Facebook account. You will be requested to make one right away if you don’t already have one.
  3. After that, a popup to register for an Oculus account will appear. Enter your login information to continue if you already have an Oculus account
  4. The next step is to connect the devices. Connect the Devices The devices are easy to join. Make sure the Quest is turned on and wholly charged before attempting this. Make sure the Bluetooth capability is turned on on your phone by going there. If not, it won’t be able to Bluetooth connect to other devices. Join the phone and Quest to the same wifi network.
  5. once all this is done, you must verify the code and tada! Your devices are connected. If you followed all of the preceding guidelines, the two devices should automatically pair next time.

Quick Tip:

  • Once you have correctly connected your Oculus with your device but problems persist, there are chances of cache files in your device. A simple reboot will clear that problem.
  • If you own an android phone, you should check if you have enabled location or not because that is mandatory permission on newer Android phones.
  • The next thing you can check is if the app you are using is updated or not. Suppose it is not the first thing you should do is that.
  • Another thing to remember is that the oculus application has prerequisites too. You need to fulfill the particulars for it to work up to date. For example, if you are using an android device, it should be at least Android version 5, or if you are an ios user, it should be iOS 10. These operating system versions work with all current devices and many older ones. You can have trouble pairing the devices if your device is really old. You can still give it a shot, but the odds are against it working. Sometimes, your oculus app can malfunction when you don’t fulfill these things.

Further, the next step where people mistake it is not connecting the device and the Oculus to the same WIFI connection. Make sure that they both are connected to the same Wi-Fi connection as it is a must or proper pairing of the device to each other.

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How To Fix Oculus Quest 2 Not Pairing To Phone?

Why Won’t My Oculus Connect To My Phone
Why Won’t My Oculus Connect To My Phone

Following are the ways to pair your oculus quest 2 with your device and the method.

1. Restart Both Devices

Usually, cache files are to be blamed at times if you are unable to connect your phone to your Oculus. The temporary cache files on your phone and headset can be cleared with a simple reboot, which may resolve your issue, mainly if another app is to blame.

A cache is a piece of hardware or software that stores data to speed up the delivery of subsequent requests for that data. The cached data may be the output of a previous computation or a copy of data that is stored elsewhere.

Moreover, clearing the cache and cookies can considerably increase your browser’s speed and functionality.

Following are the steps to do so

1. The steps to reboot the phone and your oculus device are very much the same.

2. For a few seconds, press and hold the power button to restart it manually.

3. Once it is turned off for a few seconds, you need to restart it.

2. Ensure that Bluetooth And Location Services Are On

Double-check that you have both of these services enabled. Most people consistently forget to allow location, even though newer Android versions require that permission.

This is a little problematic for some people, especially those concerned about privacy. But till now, nothing has been done about it, so you don’t have any other option but to turn on your location.

The steps to do it are very simple

1. Go to the settings of your mobile

2. click on the location option

3. It will ask you for GPS and location sharing permissions. Allow them

3. Ensure That Both Devices Are Connected To The Same wifi Network

Why Won’t My Oculus Connect To My Phone
Why Won’t My Oculus Connect To My Phone

For both the devices to connect, they must be linked to the same router. Another thing you should be aware of is that the connection needs to be reliable, so it’s a good idea to test it and make sure it’s working correctly.

The steps to connect your phone to the wifi are very simple. All you need to do is

1. Go to network setting

2. Click on the wifi tab and pair it with your desired wifi

Now you need to connect your oculus headset to your wifi. connecting your headset to the wifi is also a straightforward task all you have to do is

1. Start the Oculus mobile app on your phone and turn on your headset.

2. The headset you are presently using will appear after you tap Devices at the bottom.

3. When you wish to connect to a wifi network, tap wifi, tap the web, and type the password.

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4. Clear Oculus App Data

This problem of not being able to pair your headset with your phone correctly may be coming from the oculus app because of the bugs. You can correct it by erasing any pairing information gathered by the app and starting over.

Software bugs or other errors in an application are referred to as bugs. Unexpected outcomes or irregular behavior could result from these blunders.

A defect may, in the best case scenario, impact program performance. The worst-case scenario could result in the software crashing.

The steps to clear oculus app data are simple

1. Go to your phone’s Settings app.

2. Pick Apps from the menu.

3. Depending on the model of your phone, you might also need to select the manage Apps option.

4. When you click it, a list of apps should appear. Look for Oculus and choose it.

5. At the bottom of the screen, select Clear Data and confirm it.

5. Reinstall or Update Oculus App

Make sure you are running the most recent version of the app if clearing the app data does not solve the problem. To do this, all you have to do is open the App Store or Play Store and see if there is an update that isn’t yet installed.

The app is kept in reasonable condition by releasing frequent updates. Additionally, bug repairs, design enhancements, and features that need to be updated over time are all aided by application updates.

If you are using an updated version of the app and are still facing issues, it is advisable to uninstall and reinstall the app.

The steps to update your app are as follows

1. Open the Settings app, then select Apps. If Manage Apps is available, select it next.

2. Locate and select the Oculus application.

3. Then, select Uninstall by tapping the button.

4. After that, download it from your device’s Play Store or App Store.

5. You must log in with your accounts in your oculus app.

6. Restart Your Router

Why Won’t My Oculus Connect To My Phone

You might try rebooting your router to see if it improves your connection quality. Additionally, to lessen the burden on the network, you might consider eliminating unnecessary connections.

Rebooting your device is necessary because It facilitates the operation of all input/output devices. Additionally, it aids in launching and initiating all device operations throughout the boot process.

To restart your router, all you have to do is

1. Turn off the switch of your router from its main switch

2. After some time, as much as the time suits you, it can e a few minutes to a few seconds. You can restart your router and connect it to your phone and your headset using the oculus phone app.

7. Connect To A Different wifi Network

If restarting the router didn’t fix the issue either, there’s a risk that your connection may be malfunctioning. You might try connecting your phones to a different network to rule that out.

If you don’t have the option of using any other router, you can join it with your mobile hotspot and try checking if your headset and your application are working correctly with it. If it is, it is sure that your problem was due to your router.

If changing your router or getting a new one is impossible, then it isn’t necessary to use a different one. All you need is an internet-capable phone with a hotspot.

The steps to turn on your mobile hotspot are straightforward.

1. All you need to do is to go to your network settings and turn on mobile data

2. Once your mobile data is turned on, you need to click on the mobile hotspot option and connect your headset using the oculus app. Also, it is always a safer option to put a padlock on your mobile hotspot so that you can ultimately benefit without further interruption.

8. Pair With A Different Phone

Now that you have tried so many things. There is one major thing to check, and that is your phone. You can pair your headset with another device. This is an excellent technique to determine whether the problem is coming from your smartphone or not.

You won’t lose any of your personal information if you do this, so don’t worry. Remember to sign in to the Oculus software using the same Facebook account on the other device.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why can’t I connect my Oculus to my phone?

There can be various reasons for you not being able to connect to your oculus headset. Verify that your headset is in reach and is turned on. Verify the wifi signal.

Try getting closer to your wifi router if your signal is weak. If still nothing works, rebooting both the devices can be the best option.

2. How do I fix the Quest not connecting to my phone?

First, you need to find out why the Quest is not connecting and then work on the problem. For example, restarting is the best option if your Quest isn’t getting connected due to the cache and bug.

If it’s not working correctly because of the old version, you need to update the app, and so on. Depending on the problem, you can work on the solution for it.

3. How do I pair my Oculus Quest 2 to my phone?

Hold the Oculus Quest 2 close to your phone while it is turned on. Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on, then use the Oculus software to connect the phone to the VR headset. Keep the app open while it’s connecting.

4. How do I connect my Oculus to my phone?

The first step is turning and pairing the device. Once it is turned on, ensure the Bluetooth is on, and the devices are ultimately charged. Launch the oculus app and click on device pairing.

And then, when you see your device on the app, click on it to connect to your phone.

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