Apple confirmed the iPhone 12 release date

Apple confirmed the iPhone 12 release date
Apple confirmed the iPhone 12 release date

Jon Prosser claims that the iPhone launch event will happen in mid-October, with all the iPhone 12 supposed to start a week later. The iPhone 12 Pro models could see further delays, as they’re expected to ship sooner or later in November.

The iPhone 12 launching delay is no longer a rumor; it’s a fact. Apple confirmed it during its newest earnings call a couple of weeks before/ saying that the new iPhones will arrive a few weeks after the usual late September launch date we’re used to.

It’s all because of this new coronavirus health crisis.

which influenced everything about healthy living as we know it. new coronavirus health crisis This marks the first time when Apple confirms rumors that state an iPhone version would see substantial launch delays.

Apple needed to delay two iPhone variations for a couple of years in a row due to supply issues. but that information was delivered during the normal iPhone press event in September.

as Apple providers were trying hard to manufacture Face ID components. A year after, the iPhone XR was delayed to October following screen supply issues. These rumors were never supported.

Apple confirmed the iPhone 12 release date
Apple confirmed the iPhone 12 release date

This year, all iPhone 12 will observe flaws, which is likely why Apple felt it needed to disclose the issue. During the earnings call, the firm failed to provide guidance for the September quarter on account of this pandemic.

Apple would not disclose the iPhone 12 launch date prior to the announcement. YouTuber turned leaker Jon Prosser
but a leaker famous for his true Apple scoops this year has that information.

YouTuber turned leaker Jon Prosser managed to do this season what others from the” tech leaks” industry have generally failed. Other leakers would offer timeframes for a new product Apple launches.

but Prosser delivered real dates for some of Apple’s recent moves, including launch dates and pricing. The iPhone SE launch is the best example of that.

Like other leakers, he got a few things wrong along the way, but his track record is still fantastic. Prosser also supplied ample details about the iPhone 12 versions, specs, and speculated cost points a few months before.

and now he’s back with actual launch details for its iPhone 12 series. According to him, the new iPad and Apple Watch Series 6 will be unveiled via a press release in early September.

with the iPhone 12 occasion supposed to take place in week 42 of the calendar year, beginning on October 12th. Apple retains its iPhone keynotes on a Tuesday or Wednesday, October 13th or 14th, respectively.

iPhone 12 preorders would start during the same week, and that’s usually a Friday. so that means October 16th might be the preorder date for iPhone 12 versions.

Prosser has no estimates for the costlier iPhones
Shipping could follow a week later in week 43 that starts on October 19th. The iPhone 12 Experts will probably be postponed to November.

the same tweet notes though Prosser has no estimates for the costlier iPhones. The leaker did note in a second tweet the dates are still subject to change. as with almost any escapes, nothing is confirmed until the company confirms it.

But if Prosser’s resources are accurate.