3 Most Helpful Apps Every Aspiring Student Should Know

3 Most Helpful Apps Every Aspiring Student Should Know
3 Most Helpful Apps Every Aspiring Student Should Know

When you are trying your best to get to graduation day, you need all the help available. And with the internet becoming an essential part of our lives, you can get that help in less than a minute.

There are many resources that can help students cope with their studies. For example, the EssayShark service will open up dozens of the best essay writing services for students.

In fact, you get a lot more than you’ve bargained for. The abundance of various apps and helpful tools that can be found online makes it difficult to choose the ones you need.

In this article, you will find only a small selection of the most popular and kinda universal apps. These ones have survived the harsh competition and are now used by college students all over the world.

You’ll definitely find these options helpful regardless of your field of study. And the time you save using these apps can be spent on dealing with more pressing matters, some me-time, or hanging out with friends.

However, the amount of work you are facing in college is oftentimes extremely high. If you try and download a separate app for every task you run into, you’ll lose a lot of time seeking a perfect fit and quickly run out of device memory.

3 Most Helpful Apps Every Aspiring Student Should Know
3 Most Helpful Apps Every Aspiring Student Should Know

Apps that can be reused over and over again is what you are looking for. Websites that specialize in providing Studyfy to students usually have decent starter-packs of tools and supporting info that can help you solve most of the routine issues.

In many cases, Grammarly ranks up on the list of the most popular apps that students of every major can make use of.

Running your papers through Grammarly is an extremely useful habit. It takes a couple of minutes to copy-paste your work and look through it, fixing occasional mistakes. But it can save you hours and even days of work.

Grammar is a rather important component in the grading of academic papers. It can easily knock you down to a failing mark if you disregard this part. The free version of this app can take care of your grammar, punctuation, as well as spelling, which is pretty useful in and of itself.

If you decide to invest some of your hard-earned money into a premium version, you get a whole bundle of additional features. Extra checks for clarity, conciseness, word choice, and formality level can come in handy. But the most important part of the premium version is the plagiarism checker.

If you put all of those features together, you get an ultimate writing app that will carry you all the way through college and further in life. Yes, you can build a Frankenstein by throwing together a bunch of different tools and get a comparable result.

But if you value personal comfort and efficiency over free stuff, Grammarly will be your first choice. Its popularity amongst not only students but also writers of all sorts is a testament to its capabilities.

The number two problem any student eventually runs into is the need to keep track of all the events, assignments, and personal projects. Making use of some sort of scheduling app is an absolute must if you want to keep up with the hectic pace of college education.

Just like most immediate problems, this one offers too many solutions. Evernote comes pretty close to being one of the best options yet.

It has all the features you will ever need to organize your entire semester or even the whole year. The information you store is accessible from any device on a cloud drive, so you don’t have to worry about losing it.

All you have to do is create an account; the rest is pretty easy. An intuitive interface helps you not get lost in the web of information you put in every day. And the price is fairly reasonable for a student-oriented app.

3 Most Helpful Apps Every Aspiring Student Should Know
3 Most Helpful Apps Every Aspiring Student Should Know

In today’s world, the presentation can be as important as substance. And when you are preoccupied with making sure your paper has no technical mistakes, you can easily forget about such important things as structure and readability. Now, the aesthetics of the text is pretty advanced stuff that programs have been struggling to get right.

Among them, Hemingway has come the closest. It’s by no means an automatic system that will make a blob of text into a nicely formatted almost a poem. But it does a pretty good job pointing out possible problems and how to fix them.

You paste the text for your assignment into the app window, and you get a neat color-coded guide to what might be wrong with it. You still have to use discretion and pick which suggestions are worth acting on and which can be ignored

Final Words

There’s nothing wrong with relying on technology to help you get through your college years. In fact, today, it’s pretty much impossible to keep up with the competition unless you know how to fully use the fruits of technological progress.

Creating a setup of apps and tools you are comfortable with takes care of half of the work you need to do in order to graduate. The rest is on you.

Some areas may seem too specific or complex for any sort of apps. And yes, you’ll still have to do some work even if you manage to get your hand on the best software on the planet.

Still, artificial intelligence and algorithms can reliably take care of the majority of routine tasks. And every generation creates more and more advanced ways of solving any given problem.