Why is Kellyville a Great Choice for Property Investment?

Property Investment

Just a few decades ago, Kellyville was known as an old-fashioned but beautiful rural farmland. Today, it is a part of the extensive hill district and is one of the fastest-growing suburbs located just 37 kilometres northwest of the capital city, Sydney. It is one of the most sought-after suburbs for homebuyers and property investors in New South Wales. In the past three years, the value of the homes has grown by 10.95% on average. The rural charm blending beautifully with the city vibes has resulted in massive demand for house and land packages in Kellyville.

A fun little trivia: Kellyville was previously known as an ‘Irish Town’ as many Irish people lived there at one point. It was also called ‘There and Nowhere’ due to its vast farmlands that extended to the horizon. Today, the area has its border surrounded by Rouse Hill, Beaumont Hill, Castle Hill, Glenhaven, and Bella Vista. Today over 28,000 people are living in this area, sparring 18.6 kilometres.

Housing Options Available in Kellyville

One of the crucial things that Kellyville is known for is its freestanding homes. The area has some of the most beautiful houses with spacious backyards, gardens, and pools, a plus for both investors and homebuyers. Due to the large properties available, most of the homes seen here are two-story dwellings with large outdoor areas. This is a highly desirable place for families shifting from the cities, which usually have very compact and cramped apartments. Houses here provide enormous spaces for the children to play, for couples to take a walk in, grow one’s backyard garden, build pools and basketball courts, etc.  

It provides a great mixture of luxury homes, palatial apartments, and terrace-style homes in this area. Therefore, this is a place for people from all walks of life who love to live in a quiet and serene atmosphere among nature.

What Makes Kellyville Desirable?

1)    A Lovely Blend of Rural and Urban

One of the unique features of Kellyville is the brilliant combination and coexistence of rural and modern residences. The rapid development of the area from pure farmlands to a suburb has resulted in a great blend of the two. As the neighbourhood retains its rural charm and country feel among its wild trees, flora, fauna, and bushes, the houses have great built-in modern amenities fit for a comfortable living.  

2)    Convenient Location and Transportation

Kellyville is at a drivable distance from the heart of the city of Sydney, allowing homeowners to easily travel to and fro whenever necessary, in their cars or using public transportation. It is a residential area with a supermarket and over 38 specialty stores. ‘The Village’ on Windsor road primarily is known for commercial shops that the residents frequently visit. This suburb is an excellent place for food lovers as it has numerous restaurants, cafes, diners, pubs, bars, and restaurants. Not to mention the parks, bike paths, and play arenas built for the residents to stay in shape.

3)    Great Community

The neighbourhood in Kellyville is known for pleasant and fun-loving families as many celebrate BBQ parties and Christmas together. Their homes and surroundings are clean and filled with happy children playing around. It is also an excellent place for retirement or for families who seek a low-maintenance living.Real estate agents are ready with great options for house and land packages in Kellyville for families who dream of living in the peaceful, picturesque suburbs.