How hard is it to learn QuickBooks? Everything you need to know about QuickBooks

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Are you an accountant, struggling to keep your records intact? Or you have discovered QuickBooks already, however, not yet explored completely?

Having said that, are you in a dilemma ofhow hard is QuickBooks to learnor how can I learn QuickBooks for free?

Well, let us help you with all the facts you are looking for!

Keep reading, as you will be served with relevant information regarding the basics of QuickBooks.

To begin with let us know what is QuickBooks?

Well, here is a music to your ears!

QuickBooks can be one helpful software that provides accounting applications within the business premises and manages bills, payroll systems, and business transactions of small and medium size business.

But the real question is,how hard is it to learn QuickBooks?

To answer that, we suggest muster up all the information in regards to its operational performance.

And for that, we have got your back!

Let us enlighten you with some facts!

Initially, the software was taken up by the small and medium scale businesses who were not formally trained in accounting. After assessing the poor performance of QuickBooks, the developers included smart search techniques and multiple other monitoring supports.

How Hard Is It to Learn Quickbooks

QuickBooks in Todays times

The current state of QuickBooks is the new launch in 2020 aims to enhance the quality of software experiencing by adding new features like:

  • sending batch invoices to the customers,
  • better versions of QuickBooks and
  • automated payment reminders. 

If you are running a business that lacks efficient accounting knowledge, it is important to learn the basics of QuickBooks. 

Considering the fact, you are closer to the answer of How hard is it to learn Quickbooks?

Well, everything takes time and efforts! And so, the learning of QuickBooks too!

You may not have the proper resources or money to manage computer software but the performance of your device can make a difference.

Having said that, an good device can solve the purpose and brings you closer to the another way of thought process that states, how easy is it to learn QuickBooks.

So, lets get started with easy way-out!

Learning QuickBooks

Business holders: 

The task of abiding by the basic necessities of QuickBooks is easy.

All you have to do is enlighten yourself with features and identify which one is useful for your business.


  • Interlink your bank account with the Quickbooks software 
  • Learn about creating invoices online and obtaining payments from consumers. 

Once the above two steps are completed, further step is even easier!

  • Register to Go payment App which links automatically with your QuickBooks account.

This way you can not only reduce time and effort but also errors.

QuickBooks accommodates a merchant account which makes your job smoother and let you send invoices to the customers via email. This involves credit card payments and you do not any further need to invest in a separate merchant account. 

Job seekers:

If you are a job seeker, here is your answer to how easy is it to learn QuickBooks!

Start with tutorial videos online and gain knowledge before adopting QuickBooks.

The online free trial section of Quickbooks offers secret information to develop your skills. 

Although for a desktop setup, you need to purchase a backdated copy on eBay and make use of it for training and educational development and there you are! 20 hours of learning will serve you lifelong. 

Now, it’s time to know how long does it take to learn QuickBooks.

Learning Time

Different courses provide different types of information which you may not need. Ifyou are looking forward for learningQuickBooks on your own, and seeking answers for learning QuickBooks free online,recognizing the course that fits your requirement is the one you should take up.

Furthermore, investing 6 months on QuickBooks basics tutorialwill serve your purpose right

However, it is not fixed as it also depends on your learning speed that may shorten or lengthen the overall time period.

We know, what your next quick question could be!

How Can You Learn QuickBooks For Free? Right?

How hard is it to learn QuickBooks? Everything you need to know about QuickBooks
How hard is it to learn QuickBooks? Everything you need to know about QuickBooks

To acknowledge that, we have few points to cover for the best way to learn QuickBooks on your own.

Before, we proceed, here is reminder, QuickBooks tutorial for dummies would not prove successful as it requires real time and effort!

So, here we are with the ways!

  1. Tutorials of QuickBooks– Intuit specially provides online tutorials to business holders for adopting an efficient accounting system. 
  • QuickBooks Learning Centre– You can access this from the help menu of QuickBooks software. You can easily access PDFs and download them, communicate with various users and seek guidance.
  • QuickBooks Training– This site mainly offers paid training methods but also provides free tutorials on their site. 
  •– This website provides free tutorials and resources to start off your journey with desktop versions of QuickBooks. If you are a beginner this website will serve your purpose right but if you have an initial idea you can opt-out from this. 
  • Udemy– Udemy not only allows free access to QuickBooks tutorials but also reveals reader reviews for new readers. The latest courses are offered every now and then to help you get through the learning journey. 
  • QuickBooks Explained– Apart from offering free video tutorials this website has lengthier approaches for better comprehension. It also updates you about the latest software updates.

Available Online Courses

It is believed that free interactions among teachers and students contribute a lot to perceive a subject or a topic. That’s why online courses are designed in such a way so that people can easily comprehend this course. 

For those in fuss regarding QuickBooks tutorial, there are many online courses on these topics.

In some of those courses, an educator will be provided. If students have any questions or any doubts, the teachers will always be there to help you clear all the doubts and get all the answers to your questions. 

On the other hand, in some courses, the authorities appoint some experts to help students in this course by clearing their queries and giving them proper advice.

Apart from this, there are still many online courses that are really very helpful but are not the parts of Quickbook authority. 

Available Online Courses for students practicing self-controlled study

Since today, the time is running at such fast pace that, the entire system, including all the authorities that provide courses, is also rushing. But there are lots of people who cannot adjust to this fast system.

Considering the fact, there are lots of courses provided by different sites.

 Among them, the QuickBooks courses at Udemy can be said to be one of the best courses due to following reasons:

  • Availability of Kindergarten QuickBooks and The Ultimate Quickbooks Pro Training Bundle-38 hours.
  • Advantage to maintain your study according to your time.
  • In addition, if you overlook or forget any point, you also can re-check it.

Hence, such courses,enable you to understand the things deeply at your own pace without any deadline pressure

Interesting, right?

However, if you still looking for more ways on how can you learn Quickbooks for free? 

Let us share an update!

QuickBooks site has also started providing free online classes on its official site!

Here is a link for quick access:

On this site, you can be well trained by attending as many classes as you want

Along with it, you can practice more and review the lessons by revisiting the previous videos also. 

Want to know the process?

Well, here are some steps you can take!

  • Click on a section button included in the Accounting option to attain invoicing, sales.
  • Click on the small business taband get the option of how to control the accounts of clients. 

Learning Benefits With Quickbooks

  • If you want to make your learnings successful, the site let you access the QuickBooks for practical learning.
  • If you miss any webinar or any recording, you can watch the recorded webinars on the Webinar site. 
  • Furthermore, you can register yourself for to join 6 various live classes of 1 hour for free.

QuickBooks Training: Knowledge Check

As it is rightly quoted, Check Check , to be the best!

Post completing the tutorials, it’s to time to check your knowledge!

For that, you can take up the QuickBooks test by providing $15 so you can be confident enough to test before applying for any job.

Now when all the learning is acquired, we are certain you would want to know more is QuickBooks certification worth it.

Here we are with the details!

The certification value of QuickBooks

Though the knowledge shows the worth of an individual, however, the stamp of acquiring the knowledge worth the deal too.

As a matter of fact, QuickBooks certification worth it!

The certifications of QuickBooks carry a high level of commitment regarding the concept of the product and hence builds the right impression in front of the clients. It puts great value in professional life, and it is beneficial to have the QuickBooks certification to attract more clients.

So now, the time for monetary investment!

Get the details here on QuickBooks online certification cost

The students need to pay one $149.00 to attend the exam, additionally, it will take proctoring fees at your chosen examination centre.


The certificate of QuickBooks has great importance in the professional field of accounting sectors and so it worth the cost!

Final Verdict

Learning anything isn’t difficult if you are willing to do!

Acquiring certification by taking advantage of Quick availability of QuickBooks online courses for free and paid can serve your purpose and strengthen you for the growth of your business and as an employee.

So, if there is a will, there is a way too!

Happy Learning!

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