How To See Messages Deleted By Sender On Instagram

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Sometimes, you may delete the entire DM chat history mistakenly from the Instagram account. Besides, it may happen if anyone sent a message to you and deleted it thereafter. Thus, you can recover the messages easily within a matter of time. 

You can recover the Instagram direct messages. Besides, you may recover the deleted messages or unsend messages. In addition, it is possible to recover the very old chats. 

How To See Messages Deleted By Sender On Instagram

We have given you a few ways to enable you to recover the deleted messages on Instagram. 

1. View Deleted Messages (Unsend Messages)

If you are an Instagram user, you can see an option on Instagram DM allowing you to unsend the message by holding the message you are willing to delete. You can delete the message on both sides of the running conversation.

The user can know which message they sent, unlike Whatsapp shows something like the “This message is deleted” message. It can annoy multiple people like those who are in relationships. 

You do not find any official way to see deleted messages on Instagram. In this case, you need to use the third-party notification log apps. Thus, it becomes possible to keep an eye on the notifications. 

If someone sends a message, Instagram will display a notification no matter which type of message is sent from the other end. But once the sender deletes the message on Instagram, you don’t see the notification anymore. 

If you are willing to view deleted messages on Instagram DM, go through the steps. 

  • First, your task is to download the Notification History Log app and install it thereafter on Android. 
  • But whether you use iOS, your job is to install Pushover Notifications. 
  • Next, you have to provide the necessary permissions required by the app. Then, you should enable the accessibility options. If a person sends a message on Instagram and unsend it, you may not view it on Instagram. You can take the help of the notification history app to see the deleted messages.

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2. Recover Deleted Direct Messages On Instagram

Like Facebook, Instagram can store all chats on the server. Although you delete the chat on Instagram, it is possible to recover the deleted chat from the Instagram server. 

How to download deleted messages:

  • If you are willing to download deleted messages, you should first head toward the Instagram app and open it. After that, your task is to log in with your account from where you are willing to recover your chat. 
  • Move to the profile. Then, you need to hit the top right corner and move to Settings. 
  • Choose Security and Download Data under Data and History. 
  • Next, your job is to write the required email address so that you can get the deleted chat data Instagram data email. In this case, you can use any email.
  • After completion, you can get an email from Instagram within 5 minutes. Next, your job is to open the email and tap on the Download Data. 
  • Now, Instagram will redirect you from where you can download a .zip file containing all of your chat histories.

How to view deleted messages on Android:

  • If you want to see deleted messages on Android, your job is to use Zarchiever to unzip the downloaded file and Json Genie. Thus, you can see the deleted chats on your Instagram.
  • When you have extracted the zip file, your job is to open the messages.json file. You can find here all of your chat histories from the beginning.

How to view deleted messages on iOS:

Do you use an iPhone or iPad? Whether you use an iPhone or iPad, you are required to follow the same process as the android. 

  • Your task only is to use iZip to extract the zip file. In this case, you will need JSON Designer to enable you to open the messages.json file.
  • If you use a computer of Windows or Mac, it is possible to unzip the file. You can open your messages.json file associated with the zip file. 

3. Recover Instagram Messages From Connected Facebook Account

How To See Messages Deleted By Sender On Instagram
How To See Messages Deleted By Sender On Instagram

Have you opened an Instagram account with Facebook? Did you connect your Instagram with Facebook? If these are the cases, your task is to view the deleted messages with the help of the Facebook Inbox.

Before deleting the messages, the procedure applies while you have attached your Instagram account with the Facebook account. The only process through which you can see the deleted messages is Download Data.

  • Your first job is to go to Facebook and log in there.
  • Then, you need to move to Facebook Inbox. After that, tap on the Instagram Direct under Messages available on the left side. 
  • You can find all deleted chats on Instagram from there.

4. Online Method To Recover Instagram Messages:

Many people have gotten back the old messages deleted by the sender with the help of the message. If you feel lucky, it is the simplest way to recover the direct messages.

  • You have to navigate to the Instagram recovery website. Then, you have to write the Instagram username or profile URL. 
  • Next, your task is to tap on Recover Messages. 
  • Finally, your task is to fix any of these human verifications to get back the deleted messages. 


1. How do you see deleted Instagram messages by the sender?

It is possible to see deleted Instagram messages using grow, and it can work on each device and operating system. Therefore, if you use an iPhone, Android, Mac, or Windows, you may get the chance to log in to the AiGrow account. Thus, it becomes possible to read Instagram unsent messages. 

2. Does Instagram show who unsend a message?

No direct ways are there through which you get to know who has unsent Instagram direct messages, and it indicates you will not receive any notifications. As a result, unlike Whatsapp, you don’t see any messages in the conversation letting you know that something has been removed. 

In this case, you should follow merely to check the conversation frequently. After that, check whether the sender deleted anything or not.

Besides, it is possible to view who unsent messages on Instagram by watching the list of people. You can see a list containing the names of people who sent you messages. In this case, your first task is to tap on the “send” option. 

Next, your job is to go to the Instagram app and open it. Then, you need to head toward your direct messages (DM) inbox. Whether you use the recent version of the app, you need to swipe left on any message thread. Thus, you get to know about the list of people who have sent you a message. 

If you are an iPhone user, you can easily view unsent messages. Whether you use an iPhone, your task is to move to the Messages app and open it. Next, you need to hit the “New Message” button. 

Whether you use an Android mobile, your job is to go to the Messages app and open it. Next, your task is to hit the “Compose” button. You can see the last composed message at the top of the list.

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