6 Things to Consider When Comparing Sales Tax Management Services

Jenni Leo

When you’re looking for a sales tax management service, there are several things to consider when comparing services. Namely, how much does it cost? Is there a free trial period? What is the annual fee? Are they certified by any governing bodies such as the IRS, state, or local government? Do they have a guarantee on their work and if so what does that cover?

The following is a list of things to consider when you’re comparing sales tax management services.

1. What is the company’s experience in sales tax management services?

The first thing to consider when comparing sales tax management services is experience. What are the company’s qualifications? How long have they been providing services to others?

You only want to go with a service that is experienced and well-qualified to do what they’re promising to do.

2. How much does it cost to use their service?

The second thing to consider is how much their services cost.

How much does the sales tax management service cost? What is the monthly rate, or annual fee for using their services? Be sure you know what the fees entail so there are no surprises later down the road with a large bill.

Some companies charge a flat fee for using their services, while some companies charge an annual fee plus a monthly amount for using their services.

3. Does the company offer a free trial period?

The third thing to consider is whether or not they have a free trial period.

Some companies will give you a free two-week trial before having you commit to an annual fee, while others are only interested in your business if you are willing to pay for at least a year.

Ideally, you’ll go with a company that gives you a free trial period first. This gives you time to test their services and make sure that it’s the right fit for your company.

4. Is there an annual fee for using the service?

The fourth thing to consider is if they have an annual fee, which can oftentimes be rather hefty, but it’s worth it because you know exactly what you are paying for! The downside of an annual fee is that your costs will rise automatically each year, so you need to make sure that the services you are interested in will be able to stay competitive as time goes on.

5. Are they certified by any governing bodies such as the IRS, state, or local government?

The fifth thing to consider is whether or not they have been approved and certified for work for a governing body such as the IRS, state, or local government.

If they don’t have any certifications or approvals, they might not be able to do the job properly.

At the very least you should ask for documentation showing that they are currently certified or approved by a governing body. Some companies will claim such certification over the phone (which is likely a lie) but if it’s important to you, make sure to bring up these details in your initial conversation.

6. Do they have a guarantee on their work and if so what does that cover?

The final thing to consider is if there is any kind of guarantee. Some companies will provide you with a satisfaction guarantee or full refund if for whatever reason you are not satisfied with their services. While others will only offer to research the matter and provide you with their findings, but they will not refund your money.


By now, hopefully, you have a better idea of what to look for in a sales tax management service! Hopefully, this article was informative and helps make your search easier.

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